Who We Are

Calo Programs is a unique organization comprised of an extraordinary family of programs, all dedicated to healing the effects of early trauma.

We are a leading network of clinical and therapeutic programs (residential treatment centers, young adult transition programs, outpatient centers, addiction treatment facilities, wilderness therapy programs, and more) that offer a comprehensive set of services that run the span of acuities, ages and services; all focused on cutting edge, trauma-based interventions.

All Calo programs implement a unique and truly relational treatment model based on the science of neurobiology and evidence-based attachment and trauma treatment research. Calo’s proprietary Developmental Trauma CASA Treatment Model and Clinical Structure is pervasive throughout the programs. The unique model facilitates establishing, deepening and maintaining healthy and safe relationships that ultimately lead to co-regulation and Joy.

Clinical Modalities and Interventions

Across programs we have developed and implemented the latest and most effective trauma and somatic-informed therapies. Here is a list of some of the interventions we specialize in:

  • Canine Therapy

    Calo’s acclaimed, pure bred Golden Retrievers are at the epicenter of our proprietary Canine Transferable Attachment Therapy®.

  • Brainspotting Psychotherapy

    Our programs are pioneering this powerful treatment that identifies, processes and releases core neurophysiological sources of trauma.

  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

    DDP is a psychotherapeutic treatment method for families that have children with complex trauma and disorders of attachment.

  • Occupational and Sensory Therapy

    Designed to help individuals calm and focus by engaging those senses that are under- or overstimulated.

  • HRV

    HRV is a powerful cardiorespiratory feedback training that helps lower depression and anxiety.

  • HeartMath

    HeartMath® is a collection of tools and strategies especially designed to lower stress and increase emotional and physical resilience.

  • Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga

    Our programs are all certified providers of TCTSY, an empirically validated clinical treatment for trauma that was developed at the Trauma Center. Learn More

  • Other Therapy

    Depending on the client needs some of our programs offer Sand, Play, Art Therapy, as well as standard Family, Individual and group Therapy.

Conditions We Treat

  • Calo specializes in interventions that address the root cause of PTSD in preteens, teens and young adults.
  • Calo specializes in healing trauma in adopted preteens, teens and young adults.
  • Calo specializes in interventions that address the root cause of substance abuse and addictions.
    Substance Abuse
  • Calo Programs helps ease ADHD in preteens, teens, and young adults using several specialized interventions.
  • Calo Programs finds the underlying cause of depression in adopted teens.
  • Calo specializes in interventions that help heal mood disorders.
    Mood Disorder
  • Calo addresses the root cause of anxiety in preteens, teens and young adults.
  • Calo offers specialized interventions that get to the root cause of bipolar disorder in adopted preteens, teens, and young adults.
    Bipolar Disorder
  • Calo helps families with adopted children suffering from attachment disorders.
    Attachment Disorder
  • Calo specializes in Canine Transferable Attachment Therapy that helps heal attachment disorders in preteens, teens and young adults.
    Oppositional Defiant Disorder

At Calo we believe early traumas and early stressful environments – even those experienced in utero or passed down genetically – are at the core of most behavioral and mental health issues, including substance abuse and addictions.

With early trauma there is no explicit or conscious memory. Over time, the effects of early trauma start to settle into the unconscious brain and the nervous system; making the trauma more difficult to identify and treat. The “memories” are held deep in the body and brain, where healing is far more complicated.

Early trauma, particularly which occurs in utero or within the first couple years of life, has the ability to change our biological, neurological and psychological equilibrium. This disequilibrium causes a variety of symptoms ranging from anxiety, stress and depression, to anger, substance abuse, hyperactivity.

Over the years Calo has remained on the leading edge of understanding the advances in neurobiology and the way to heal this complicated trauma.

Calo specializes in interventions that address the root cause of these symptoms, the deeply engrained trauma. At Calo we Go to the Root. We heal the underlying trauma preventing your family from having healthy connection, freeing you up to experience true Joy.

Our Programs

Calo Preteens

Residential Treatment For Adopted Preteens

A small and exclusive program offering an idyllic and natural therapeutic setting for adopted preteens to experience connection and acceptance. One of a kind treatment for adoptive families.

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Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls (12 – 16)

Younger girls require different care from older teen girls and so Lake House helps these girls find healing through play. By combining this play with superior academics and a healthy, home-like environment, these girls are able to develop the resiliency and confidence needed to thrive throughout life.

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Lake House Academy - A Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls

Calo Teens

Residential Treatment For Adopted Teens

Created with the need for specialty care in mind and with almost a decade of outcomes (over 400 families), Calo Teens is the first treatment center focused on adoptive families. Calo Teens implements a true relational-based treatment approach to create change from the inside out… heart first, and behavior second.

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Treatment & Transition Program for Women

The Fulshear Adult Attachment Model is a proprietary approach which focuses on our innate need to connect with others. Many of the young women at Fulshear have tried many other types of treatment but are still struggling with complex emotional and behavioral issues. At Fulshear they work through the hurdles that have prevented from making those connections and limiting their ability to be successful in life.

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