New Vision Wilderness Soars To New Heights

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New Vision Wilderness (NVW), located in Bend, Oregon and Medford, Wisconsin is celebrating its highest census in history. NVW was founded in February of 2007 as the first wilderness therapy program in the state of Wisconsin. Co-founders. Drew Hornbeck and Steve Sawyer created NVW with the goal of providing an affordable, clinically intensive, and trauma informed treatment experience for youth. In 2012, Drew and Steve expanded into the Pacific Northwest and later partnered with Calo to begin offering services to young adults. “We are delighted that the hard work of our dedicated staff is resulting in reoccurring business and high levels of trust from our professional referents and families,” remarked Drew Hornbeck. He went on to reflect, “It’s odd to reach new census heights in October, but I think this is a testament to the high clinical intensity and sophistication of our program. It’s really satisfying to see the professional community recognize our value and appreciate the effectiveness of specialized services for trauma”.

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