Clinical Integrity: All interactions or “touches” with students are therapeutic touches

Calo affirms that all caregivers in the treatment environment should make decisions based on the same treatment model. We do not believe in being in any way “eclectic” in our approach. All employees working at Calo are accountable to an overarching set of attachment principles and trauma-informed thought. We call this “clinical integrity.” In order to maintain clinical integrity we have a proprietary model with related instructional materials that we use to train all staff. Even the students are trained in our model and can speak it proficiently. In order to maintain clinical integrity all clinical supervisors and leadership trained extensively in attachment theory and research.

To have clinical integrity a program must be on the same treatment page from top to bottom in the organization.

Other programs will use buzzwords like “attachment,” “relationship,” “adoption,” and the like. Ask to see their treatment model and they will not know how to produce it. Ask individual employees to describe how meaningful change occurs and you will get unrelated answers. Ask the therapists what treatment theory they espouse and you will hear as many different theories as there are therapists. Ask the academic department how they implement the treatment model and you will be met with a blank stare or an unsatisfactory response. Ask these things at Calo and you will receive consistent, clinically focused answers which reflect the integrity of the treatment modality.

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