Calo Teens Earns the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission

For the Fourth Time, Calo Teens Earns the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission while Surveyors Praise the Use of Golden Retrievers.

Calo Teens completed its fourth 3-year re-accreditation with The Joint Commission this afternoon. The two surveyors reviewed 1200 Elements of Performance over 4 days. Both surveyors complimented Calo Teens on the campus, the clinical model, and the congruency between clinical and residential. The survey went extremely well, the campus looked great, and Calo Teens shined. What was most impressive was how the students interacted with the surveyors. They were able to speak the Calo Programs Treatment Model and showed true joy when speaking of their canines.

Following the exit survey, the main surveyor actually presented us with a book on Golden Retrievers and wrote a personal note to Calo Teens. The note read:

“With deep appreciation and best wishes to the leadership, treatment team members and staff at Calo – thank you for your work and integration of using one of God’s greatest and wonderful creation – the Golden Retriever. May these beautiful, loyal and unconditionally loving dogs bring a healing, calming and transforming presence to your children, families and even your staff. As the owner of a golden myself, I truly believe that when a person looks into the loving eyes of a golden retriever, we come close to the understanding of what loyal, trusting, unconditional love really is. May God bless Calo, the work you perform and your mission; may he also bless those precious golden puppies and dogs – they are the heart of Calo.”

This success is a testament to the dedication and commitment of all our teammates to their work with the kids and families we serve.

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