A Campaign to Heal Childhood Trauma

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Perhaps you have been following The Campaign to Heal Childhood Trauma online or you’ve heard rumblings for a new diagnosis for childhood trauma. For those new to this initiative, The Campaign to Heal Childhood Trauma is a grassroots partnership between Calo Programs and three leading, national attachment, trauma and adoption nonprofits; The Attachment and Trauma Network (ATN), The American Adoption …

A Child’s Trauma Affects Your Brain

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Join us Monday, February 19th from 5:00-7:00 PM at the Washington Hilton, Georgetown West, for an invitation-only, intimate salon featuring Clinical Psychologist, author, and lecturer, Dr. Jon Baylin. Dr. Baylin is a renowned psychologist in private practice and specializes in teaching helping professionals integrate the latest brain-based research on childhood trauma into their practices and parenting. He is making a …

10 reasons why we use golden retrievers in all of our programs

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Golden retrievers are well known for their beautiful long, golden coats, making them very attractive pets. However, beauty isn’t the only benefit of their fine fur. It also creates a fantastic sensory opportunity for our students. The simple experience of petting the dog is calming, soothing, and regulating for both the student and the canine.

Calo Programs Embarks on Clinical Leadership Intensive

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Lead by Rob Gent and Steve Sawyer, the three days of professional development focused on intensive immersion into the CASA Developmental Trauma Treatment Model and how it sets the foundation for all other complimentary therapeutic interventions.

The Changing Face of Adoption

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A review of recent literature (Family Studies 2015, International Journal of Behavior Development 2010, University of Minnesota 2008) has shown that adopted children are more vulnerable to a host of psychological and school-related problems compared to their non-adopted peers, and that the rate of referral of adopted children to mental-health facilities is far above what would be expected given their representation in the general population. Our understanding of the basis for these problems remains unclear. This article will trace evolving adoption practices and offer some insights into the problems facing helping professionals who work with adopted children, and the children themselves.

New Vision Wilderness Soars To New Heights

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New Vision Wilderness (NVW), located in Bend, Oregon and Medford, Wisconsin is celebrating its highest census in history. NVW was founded in February of 2007 as the first wilderness therapy program in the state of Wisconsin. Co-founders. Drew Hornbeck and Steve Sawyer created NVW with the goal of providing an affordable, clinically intensive, and trauma informed treatment experience for youth. …

Inheriting your Grandma’s Trauma

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When many of us consider inherited traits we immediately think of hair color, eye color, skin tone, height, etc. More rarely do we reflect on the possible inheritance of psychological trauma – also known as intergenerational trauma. Click to Read More