Zach Bethea - Treatment Advocate - Calo Programs

Zach Bethea


Zach Bethea - Treatment Advocate - Calo ProgramsBelieving that all people are of immense value and that all are deserving of affirmation and connection, Zach has devoted his life to enriching and empowering as many people’s lives as possible. For years he was a wilderness therapy field staff where he mentored fellow staff and students. After his time in the woods, Zach was able to continue his work with Calo Young Adults in helping to initiate and develop their Adventure Therapy programming. It was working with these specific clients that deepened Zach’s heart for those struggling with trauma and attachment. As a Treatment Advocate, he now has the unique opportunity to work with families from all of our amazing programs and to reach out, spreading the word of all that we offer to clients struggling with early development trauma. In his off time, Zach can usually be found with his canine, Jimbo, and living large in the outdoors surrounding Asheville, NC.