Calo's growth over the last three years

From 8 employees to 85 employees

From 4 students to 44 students

From 4 golden retrievers to 19 golden retrievers 

It has been an incredible privilege to be part of the birth, development and ongoing growth of a new program. Prior to becoming a founding member of Calo (Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks), I had never had the opportunity to be a part of something of this magnitude, starting from the ground up. With Kens vision, Landons clinical strength and my admissions background, we hit the ground running with the desire to make a difference by creating a program that met the needs of a small window of families with students needing a specialized program. A program designed to meet the students individual needs, rather than having the students try to fit into the mold of a generalized program.  In the last three years, I believe we have accomplished that and much more. Some of the key elements that make Calo special include:

·          Authentic Leadership that is accessible to our students and their families

·          Skilled, savvy, and  specialized therapists

·          Individualized and specialized approach to each student and their family

·          Amazing team of direct staff that are ready and willing to go the distance and jump in the mud with our students

·          Powerful and effective treatment model

·          Beautiful setting and facilities

·          Outstanding recreational and experiential therapy

·          Ongoing desire to grow as a program and be innovative in our approach to our students and their families

I count myself lucky to be part of such and amazing team and program. I value each family that calls on the phone and/or comes through our door. Each family that joins the Calo program joins the Calo family and becomes part of who we are, leaving a lasting impression of their time with us.