Calo Programs Embarks on Clinical Leadership Intensive

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December 9, 2016, Lake Ozark, MO; The first annual Calo Programs Clinical Leadership Intensive was a tremendous success and made a huge impact on all of the Calo Clinical Leadership team. Lead by Rob Gent (Chief Clinical Officer Calo Programs) and Steve Sawyer (NVW Co-Founder, Clinical Director, and Corporate Clinical Trainer), the three days of professional development focused on intensive immersion into the CASA Developmental Trauma Treatment Model and how it sets the foundation for all other complimentary therapeutic interventions.

Calo Clinical leadershipEach of the Calo Programs (Calo Teens, Calo Preteens, New Vision Wilderness, Embark, and Calo Young Adults) had Clinical Leadership at the Intensive which made for the ideal time to create alignment around trauma education and Calo treatment, as well as, build relation cohesion amongst the entire Calo Programs Clinical Leadership team

Calo Clinical Director Training StaffWith a Calo training manual in hand, all of the Calo Clinical Leadership left feeling eager to share and continue the training with their therapeutic staff to reinforce and ensure it is an integrative part of the treatment culture.  One of the major “Take-a-ways” was the experience and knowledge that we as leaders, therapist, and staff, are truly “Caregivers” and that we must acknowledge and embrace that our use of “Self” in the relationship is the most influential aspect of healing the effects of developmental trauma.  In other words, “We” have to do our own work in order to be the effective change agent that our families require us to be.

About Calo Programs

Calo (“kay-low”) Programs ( is a behavioral and mental health provider specialized in healing the effects of complex developmental trauma. Calo is comprised of Calo Teens (, Calo Preteens (  – both residential programs located in Lake Ozark, MO predominately serving adoptive families, and New Vision Wilderness (  – “NVW”), Calo Young Adults ( – transitional living program for young adults –  and Embark by Calo ( a therapeutic workshop and family intensive program for those reeling from issues of trauma, attachment and adoption.

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